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You are not just an injured knee, a torn shoulder or a tight back. You are a sum of your parts. We take the whole you and design a unique program to get you back to doing what you love most. Ready to get started? Click below to schedule your appointment now!

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Recent Blog Posts and Training Videos

Overhead hinge progression from the Resisted Reach-out

Dr. Cody and Dr. Kaitlin showa progression on the Resisted Reach-out ( to help rid low back pain, improve posture and increase performance in squats, deadlifts and other posterior chai...

Dr. Cody and Dr. Kaitlin demonstrate a resisted reach out for low back pain.

Dr. Cody and Dr. Kaitlin demonstrate a simple exercise with a theraband to help rid low back pain, improve posture and increase performance in squats, deadlifts and other posterior chain based movements. Key points: - Th...

Dr. Cody demonstrates a voodoo floss hack for better shoulder mobility!

Shoulder mobility issues? Trouble with overhead movements? Or just difficulty applying voodoo floss on your own shoulder? Dr. Cody demonstrates a voodoo floss hack for better shoulder mobility.

Grand Opening of Symmetry’s New Location at ThirdSpace Fitness

Dr. Cody and Dr. Kaitlin talk about the Grand Opening of Thirdspace Fitness and Symmetry Sport's new location in downtown San Jose! Saturday February 7th from 8 am to noon. 550 S. 1st St. San Jose, ...
exercise squats

Squatting 101: How to Do a Good Squat

We’ve had some really great questions via email and Facebook in the past couple of days for our weekly “Ask the Doc” forum! Drs. Cody and Kaitlin chose 2 questions to answer simultaneously: What should ...
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  • ”Absolutely the best in town.”

    - Courtney A., -

  • ”I'm a competitive weightlifter and my body is a temple. ok, not the case at all, i casually crossfit and lifting heavy weights is part of the programming. Recently I was feeling a lot of pain in the top of my shin bones and was starting to get worried what was happening. I made the mistake of not consulting with a professional and instead opted to talk about diagnosis and treatment with my gym buddies. The diagnosis ranged from shin splits to cancer. the treatment plans varied from 'live with pain forever' to a below the knee amputation. Luckily one day when I was discussing it out loud at the gym, Dr. Cody overhead us talking and immediately was able to identify that I had osgood-schlatter disease. He recommended ways to tape the injury and exercises and therapy to combat the pain during and after workouts. A patient guy and thoroughly informative, i'd recommend him to all my friends from competitive athlete to casual power walkers.”

    - Mike L., -

  • ”I first went in for pain in my shoulder after beginning an intense regimen of yoga. During that first visit, they did an all-over assessment to see if anything was out of balance. They explained that issues in one area usually stem from another and that if I wanted to correct the problem, I'd have to address the whole system. At the end, they gave me an adjustment, applied rock tape (as a corrective measure), and gave me homework (simple exercise to perform at home) so that I could work on healing myself before my next visit. What I love is that they didn't just tell me to come in each week/month to get adjusted. Rather, they gave me the tools to prevent further injury, so that I WOULDN'T always have to come in. Whether I stick to the regimen on a regular basis or not is another question entirely... I definitely recommend this place, especially if you are in the fitness industry like I am - a personal trainer, group fit instructor, athlete etc.  - or lead a very active lifestyle. In addition to their client services, the staff is super friendly and the location is great (right in the middle of downtown Los Gatos). PS - Cody is the bomb!”

    - Nadia S., -

  • ”Most people go to the chiropractor to get something fixed that hurts, you go in, get cracked, and leave never really knowing the root cause.  That's not the case at Symmetry.  Dr Cody was great, took the time to explain why/how it happened, what I needed to work on to prevent it, and he spent a good amount of time working on me.  This is how chiropractic care should be done. I wouldn't wait until you have an injury to go in, if you have an injury that pops up from time to time, go get a full evaluation, you'll learn a lot about movement.”

    - Andy K., -