“Symmetry Sports has played an integral role in keeping me aligned, healthy and ready to race at my best. I owe a big part of my successful comeback (post-baby) to Symmetry Sports and I know I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and tremendous support!” – Becky L., professional triathlete, mother

Nichelle is patient, conscientious and knowledgeable- she puts in extra time to understand your physical history and current lifestyle to really delve into the root of your problem. She followed up with me several times after my injury and gave me simple, doable exercises and goals so I could build back core strength around the area on my own. She helps you understand the connectivity of your body- I would recommend her to anyone!-Julie P., San Jose, CA

I lost my legs from an IED last march and after lots of trauma on my back the only thing that allowed my back to be pain free and get me up walking in my therapy sessions was the magic Dr. Nichelle worked on my back. She is my guardian angle that changed my life. –SSG Sam S., B., MD.

“I cannot tell you how great I feel compared to how I was living with that chronic back thing – you’ve changed my life; I haven’t felt that way about many people!” V. Johnson, business professional, mother, athlete

After four years of back pain from an injury serving in Afghanistan, Dr. Nichelle got me back to a pain free life when surgery and Physical Therapy could not do the trick for me. I feel forever indebted. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – SFC Tammy V., Fredericksburg,VA.

Dr. Fowler gave me my life back! He was able to do what numerous other health practitioners could not…correctly treat my problem and provided compassionate, comprehensive and skillful care. Hands down the best chiropractor and trainer in the Bay Area!” -Marie S.

Her compassion during my treatment sessions, showed to me for the first time a doctor who deeply cared to get me out of pain. She left no complaint of mine unattended and always gave me her undivided attention no matter how busy her schedule was.- SGT Amanda B., Washington, D.C.

Biomechanics and running approach
He is simple the best!, my body biomechanics have improved significant, he has worked on my body imbalances. He was recommended by one of my ChiRunners Clients!

healing approach…
I cannot more strongly recommend Symmetry Sports Therapy. They tune to what you are feeling immediately–and offer answers that make sense! I have finally found someone that can give me hope to fix the nagging injuries I have had for so long. They truly understand how the body works–go see him, trust me!

I can’t say enough how much I love Dr. Nichelle and how warm of a heart she has. I was injured on duty as a nurse and was recommended to see her from other nurses on my floor. After two visits my 6 months of pain in my back were completely gone. Truly amazed at the wonders of Chiropractic.- SGT Krista T., B., MD.

Clear, thorough, educational
First meeting with Symmetry Sports Therapy and I learned quite a bit about how my body works and how to improve my posture and therefore reduce the challenges I am having. Felt significantly better after our meeting and hoping to see more improvement over time.

Symmetry is the BEST
Personally, I’ve had nothing but fantastic experience with Symmetry Sports Therapy. They have worked on me through many scenarios, and has helped to re-establish my running and helped to be an integral part of my healing from an Achilles and calf tear. Can’t say enough great things about Symmetry Sports Therapy!

For my profession, my body is usually put through the ringer. Over a year ago I started developing chronic shoulder pain on the left side. Not thinking anything of it, I continued to push through that pain. Not until I wasn’t about to lift basic items did I start to consider getting help for my pain. I was finally referred to Cody Fowler by a friend and co-worker. I was nervous to go in, admit that I was in pain and be worked on by a stranger. But once meeting Cody, I immediately felt at ease. He was very thorough for my first body assessment appointment. He informed me of everything he was doing along the way. After each appointment, Cody game me exercises to do at home on my own time. That helped in my speedy progress. It only took a few more visits till I was back to my normal routine! I still see Cody today, making sure everything is working fine. If you have reservations about seeing a sports chiropractor, Cody Fowler will definately make you change your mind. He is easy to talk to, makes you feel comfortable and gets right down to your issue. -Kristen G.

Converted skeptic
I was referred to Symmetry Sports Therapy by a friend, but had always been skeptical of Chiropractors, having come from a medical background myself. However, things had gotten to a point where I couldn’t even get on my bike and I was in pain all the time. All that needs to be said, is that I can now ride where before I couldn’t. The pain is so much better, it’s like night and day. I couldn’t be happier with the care I have gotten and as for being a skeptic? Never more!!!

Not just a pain in the neck
I’m a firm believer in chiropractic and I’ve seen many chiropractors through the years. None have compared to Symmetry Sports Therapy and the ART treatment they provide. Due to two past injuries I get terrible tension and pain in my neck which lead to immobility and headaches. They  have been amazing in alleviating this pain. To my surprise, they do so much more than  assistance with my painful neck and shoulders. They even helped my recent wrist and thumb sprain. They are so knowledgeable and true healers.

Thank you Symmetry sports therapy
I am a DPT student & have worked in the health industry for years but I have always had a hard time trusting or even going to see any health care professional. Symmetry Sports Therapy has made me feel comfortable & confident in their knowledge & ability from the first time I met him. His entire clinic is clean, professional, & comfortable & I recommend it to all of my clients & friends.

Symmetry Sports Therapy has exceptional sports doctors because they utilizes the most up-to-date and current research and knowledge to assist their clients! They are well-known for their ability to rectify even the most enduring and entrenched problems so that people can return to what they love- moving without pain!

I am amazed at my improvement since my first visit with Cody. I first went to him for lower back and headache pain, and since then I’ve experienced tremendous relief. His immense knowledge of functional anatomy proves to be so helpful with my treatment, and he really takes the time to explain how each adjustment helps to improve my condition. Cody genuinely cares about his patients and I really appreciate that. I trust Cody more than my general practitioner!  -Jessica F.S.

Most people go to the chiropractor to get something fixed that hurts, you go in, get cracked, and leave never really knowing the root cause.  That’s not the case at Symmetry.  Dr Cody was great, took the time to explain why/how it happened, what I needed to work on to prevent it, and he spent a good amount of time working on me.  This is how chiropractic care should be done.  -Andy K.

I definitely recommend this place, especially if you are in the fitness industry like I am – a personal trainer, group fit instructor, athlete etc.  – or lead a very active lifestyle. In addition to their client services, the staff is super friendly and the location is great (right in the middle of downtown Los Gatos).

PS – Cody is the bomb!

If you are an athlete, just starting into working out, have pre existing injuries that have you not enjoying life…you need to visit Symmetry Sports Therapy. They have kept me doing what I love to do. Exercise and adventure. They are not extremely good Chiropractors, but they want to keep you in your activity. They have kept me out of getting surgery and kept me injury free during competition. Their knowledge and caring attitude will get you where you want to go. I have referred many of my friends and family to Symmetry Sports Therapy and all are impressed with their skills. If you have pain keeping you from doing what you want to do…make an appointment and you will soon be back to your activity.
Michelle T. San Jose, CA