Excelsior fitness - personal training, chiropractic, sports therapy, massage, and more!

Symmetry is a proud partner of the Excelsior Personal Training program in Los Gatos.

Located in the fitness studio directly below the Symmetry office, Excelsior is the only doctor-run health and fitness program in the greater Los Gatos area.

Excelsior offers fitness packages for a set number of sessions (i.e. 8 sessions, 12 sessions, 20 sessions, 36 sessions, or 48 sessions) and each of those sessions can be used on personal training AND/OR any participating partners’ services (such as Symmetry) including chiropractic, sports therapy, massage, nutrition coaching, or acupuncture.

All services are conveniently located in the same building in downtown Los Gatos.

With Excelsior, you’ll get:

  • A Personalized Fitness Plan to fit YOUR body, YOUR schedule, and YOUR goals.
  • A Healthy Workout Routine so you can discover the right balance of training and motivation.
  • A Team of Highly-Trained Health & Fitness Experts to guide you, support you, educate you, hold you accountable, and help you reach your goals and beyond!

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