Body Firm Wellness offers nutritional support via Tammy Parkinson.

Tammy Parkinson, CPT ACSM, NASM and Nutritionist has consulted hundreds of clients towards body fat loss, eating for energy, sports performance and eating for health (i.e., lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and controlling diabetes).
Tammy believes there isn’t a “perfect” diet which fits every person. In fact, each person is so different in their lifestyle, needs, habits, likes, dislikes, belief systems and goals that to best help a client reach his or her goals, first Tammy needs to understand how they live and what their nutritional habits are like. It’s only from that foundation that a person can understand what habits to change and what habits to add in, for life. This begins with an analysis and evaluation.

Each analysis begins with a 7 day food diary and nutritional questionnaire, followed by an in depth analysis given by Tammy to each client. Strategies are then created on an individual basis with accountability programs.

Tammy speaks throughout the Bay Area about health, wellness and weight loss with “wellness and quality of life” being the foundation for happiness. She also writes for several Nationally known companies and is a published author of “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health.”

Current Programs Available:
•    Weekly Nutrition Accountability groups ~ call to find out which groups are available in your area!
•    30 day Individual nutritional programs (to build a solid foundation towards lifetime weight loss and health)
•    Shopping tours, either in groups or one on one
•    Nutrition accountability groups
•    In person, online and phone personalized coaching
•    Once a month dinners at local restaurants to teach ways to eat healthy no matter where you are!

For more detailed information about the Individual Nutritional Programs, please contact Tammy at


You can learn more about Tammy, nutrition and personal training offerings by visiting:

51 University Ave, Suite D, Los Gatos, CA, 95030
By Appointment Only
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