We’re excited to announce we are now a part of the Excelsior program!

Excelsior fitness - personal training, chiropractic, sports therapy, massage, and more!

Excelsior allows you to purchase one package from the Personal Training studio downstairs and use each session on any of our other service offerings including chiropractic, sports therapy, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, or acupuncture!

The personal training studio (formerly known as Body Firm) is now owned and operated by Dr. Cody, so we launched the Excelsior program to offer our patients and clients a completely personalized and unique full-circle health and fitness program in downtown Los Gatos!

Summer Events

August 20th, 8am- 4pm – Athlete Services at LifeWorx Throwdown CrossFit Competition in San Jose

This Throwdown is a homegrown CrossFit competition, where athletes come to Lifeworx to battle for the victory crown after a day of intense workouts! Lifeworx has been running these events for the past 6 years and we are so proud to be providing athlete services for a community that is competitive and supportive…and an atmosphere that is professional and electrifying! Athletes of all levels will be competing in this fun and challenging event!

August 27th, 8am-4pm – Athlete Services at Moxie Madness Affiliate Championship in San Jose

This year we’ll be providing sports therapy and performance care services to 90 teams of athletes competing for the 4th year Moxie Madness title! Come cheer on the CrossFit competitors and stop by our booth to say hi!